When it comes to HVAC, a maintenance contract can make all the difference when it comes to proper servicing of equipment. Tradesmen of New England will discuss the scope of maintenance needs and discuss cost. A maintenance contract assures that timely, proper measures are taken to keep your systems in top working order! Just like an annual physical at the doctor, routine maintenance is a wonderful preventative measure. Breakdowns, downtime, and uncomfortable conditions in a building can be avoided when things are running smoothly and efficiently.

A maintenance contract will also ensure that you receive priority service in an emergency situation. This type of service can bring peace of mind when you know that during cold winter weather or hot humid days, if your system breaks down you will get prompt service with minimal downtime.

Tradesmen of New England is able to create an HVAC maintenance plan that is perfectly suited to your company’s needs. It’s our goal to provide commercial HVAC solutions that enable each of our clients’ facilities to operate at its peak efficiency. We’re confident that we can offer cost-effective, cost-efficient, and simple-to-maintain HVAC and building automation systems that fulfill our customer’s needs.

Some of the preventative maintenance services we offer include:

  • Rooftop package heating and cooling systems

  • Chillers – both production and comfort

  • Complete hydronic systems including steam boilers

  • Ductless split system air conditioning

  • Ventilation systems

  • Heat pump and geothermal systems

  • Heat recovery systems

  • Make-up air equipment and systems

  • Clean rooms and environmental chambers

  • Computer room systems

  • Water and fire tube boilers

  • Cooling towers

  • Production burners and ovens

  • Refrigeration systems and commercial chilling

  • Production process piping

  • Chemical feed systems

  • Backflow prevention testing and certification

We are here to answer your questions. Contact us for more information and an assessment.