Building Automation Systems in New England

Superior Mechanical Control System Services



Through supporting several brands of automation systems, Tradesmen of New England enables our client’s to know the state of their building’s mechanical systems from the simple push of a button. These automation services help to detect problems that could be wasting energy, negatively affecting the comfort and capabilities of your workforce, and potentially losing you money. Whether you are targeting upgrades in an existing building management system or are working to deliver a system-wide solution, Tradesmen of New England offers the services and expertise needed to meet both the HVAC and other energy-saving needs of today’s modern facilities.

With the expertise of Tradesmen of New England, you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  • Innovative Problem Solving: We’re able to provide customized building automation and control systems for practically any commercial HVAC need
  • Easy Information Access: Utilize cloud-based energy analytic tools, allowing you to meet the needs of today’s high-performance and green-energy conscious commercial facilities
  • Hyper-Advanced Technology Solutions: Tradesmen of New England is able to both design and build intricate building automation commercial HVAC control systems, drastically improving building performance
  • Sustainable Design & System Operation: Our licensed tradesmen are able to outfit any commercial space to meet LEED certification requirements for new builds, building interiors, and existing facilities
  • Energy Audits & Analysis: Our Energy Auditors and CEMs are able to perform energy audits, analysis, and provide documentation to local utility incentive programs without any up-front costs

Building Automation Systems

Our team of Commercial HVAC Automation experts can provide these advantages for your business:

Customized building automation & control systems for any commercial HVAC system

Cloud-based energy analytic tools

Cutting-edge, advanced technology solutions

Sustainable HVAC designs and system operations that meet LEED certification requirements

Comprehensive energy audits, analysis, and documentation for incentive programs

Tradesmen of New England offers the services and expertise needed to meet both the HVAC and other energy-saving needs of today’s modern facilities. Schedule your assessment today!

Building Automation Solutions in New England

Tradesmen of New England is able to provide our clients with the scalable, front-end building automation solutions that they need to operate efficiently. Our building control services also include pneumatic and direct digital control capabilities, which are available as a design-build or as a retrofitting.

We have long-term experience with calibrating, servicing, and installing pneumatic temperature controls manufactured by:

Tradesmen of New England also has extensive ability and experience with installing, programming, and servicing direct digital control (DDC) systems manufactured by:

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