Owners of commercial and industrial buildings often have questions about Building Automation Systems and the benefits that they can bring. Is it worth installing this type of system in your own building? Is it worth the cost? We can’t answer that question for you, but we can point out several ways that these systems make sense for your building.

A Building Automation Systems facilitates control over HVAC, electrical, and security systems. By allowing custom control of these systems, installing a building automation system can benefit you in meeting your building goals.

Lower Your Energy Costs

A building automation system (BAS) helps to make HVAC and electrical systems run more efficiently. This in turn reduces your energy use and lowers utility costs. The sensors and timers that operate the system allow automated control and collect system data to troubleshoot and identify where further improvement is possible.

Increase Comfort and Productivity

Automatic adjustments to temperature or lighting levels can be achieved with a BAS. Workers and customers alike will enjoy an optimal environment. Employee productivity also has the potential to increase as workers due to increased comfort. Disruptions are minimized also, as the system itself monitors itself.

Decrease Maintenance Costs

A facility’s systems can be costly, but with a BAS maximum efficiency is the goal along with decreased utility costs. This can be attributed to the system’s ability to lessen breakdowns or system failures.

Better Security

Peace of mind is of the utmost importance and a BAS that is connected to a building’s security system can monitor and control all aspects. Real-time monitoring is with alerts being sent if suspicious activity is noted. In addition, remote locking and unlocking of the building is possible.

How Tradesmen of New England Helps You

With our years of experience and with the use of American Auto-Matrix® mechanical systems, Tradesmen of New England enables you to know the state of your building’s mechanical systems from the simple push of a button. Immediately learn of and correct problems problems that could be wasting energy, negatively affecting the comfort and capabilities of your workforce, and potentially losing you money.

We are able to customize building automation, taking the time to learn what your needs and goals are. We offer simple access to your information, including cloud-based analytic tools, to empower you to stay the course when meeting energy efficiency goals with specialized energy audits or when meeting LEED certification requirements.

Whether you have a new commercial construction or are retrofitting an existing building, Tradesmen of New England will provide you with scalable building automation solutions that you need to operate efficiently. We offer comprehensive energy audits with recommendations for the newest technology in BAS.