At Tradesmen of New England, we know the importance of energy efficiency in commercial buildings and meeting energy saving goals. Building automation systems are one component that can bring peace of mind and be an easy tool that helps realize these goals.

What is a Building Automation System?

In the most general terms, a building automation system is any electrical control system used to control a building’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Modern systems can also control security systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as fire alarms and anything else that is electrical in the building. The BAS easily alerts maintenance staff or public safety teams if an alarm sounds or if the system detects fire or issues with temperature, air quality, intrusion, change in pressure, detected contaminants and more environmental hazards. When time is of the essence, minimizing any damage is key. A BAS offers centralized control over a building’s systems, provides valuable insights into operations, and optimizing system performance.

How Tradesmen of New England Helps You

With our years of experience and with the use of American Auto-Matrix® mechanical systems, Tradesmen of New England enables you to know the state of your building’s mechanical systems from the simple push of a button. Immediately learn of and correct problems problems that could be wasting energy, negatively affecting the comfort and capabilities of your workforce, and potentially losing you money.

We are able to customize building automation, taking the time to learn what your needs and goals are. We offer simple access to your information, including cloud-based analytic tools, to empower you to stay the course when meeting energy efficiency goals with specialized energy audits or when meeting LEED certification requirements.

Whether you have a new commercial construction or are retrofitting an existing building, Tradesmen of New England will provide you with scalable building automation solutions that you need to operate efficiently. We offer comprehensive energy audits with recommendations for the newest technology in BAS.