Building automation system use in commercial buildings has become popular over the last few years. These systems, which automate many functions including HVAC, lighting, security, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical, are designed to lower energy costs and eliminate energy waste. Of course, these systems require expert and specialized equipment and professional installation. Tradesmen of New England is here to offer both.

As is often the case, financing for these systems is a concern that most commercial building owners have. Some of these concerns can be alleviated by knowing that a building automation system can save companies around 18% in energy costs. In fact, buildings with inadequate controls can waste up to 25% of energy consumption. The savings realized by reducing energy use can be used to repay loans or other costs associated with a BAS installation. These reduced operating expenses and increased operating efficiency are goals that can be reached.

Financing for these systems may be available from your bank or financial institution, but grants may also be available at the state and local level. Utility companies can also be a place to start to see what, if any, resources are available for building improvements and energy efficient systems. More and more utility companies are offering rebates to customers when they choose energy efficient upgrades for their businesses. Your rebate may be significant and go a long way to offset the cost of your new equipment.

When you contact us, we at Tradesmen of New England can advise you on any new programs as we are committed to learning about the latest news and trends in our trade.

For our New England neighbors, the following resources might be helpful as you begin to learn more.

The State of New Hampshire’s NHSaves program has incentives for companies replacing older systems.

In Massachusetts, grants are available for upgrading older equipment. Information can be found on their Rebates and Incentive Page.

Connecticut provides information on commercial energy rebates and financing on their EnergizeCt site.

However you decide to pay for a new Building Automation System, we are here to help. With our years of experience and with the use of American Auto-Matrix® mechanical systems, Tradesmen of New England enables you to know the state of your building’s mechanical systems from the simple push of a button. Immediately learn of and correct problems that could be wasting energy, negatively affecting the comfort and capabilities of your workforce, and potentially losing you money.

We customize building automation, taking the time to learn what your needs and goals are. We offer simple access to your information, including cloud-based analytic tools, to empower you to stay the course when meeting energy efficiency goals with specialized energy audits or when meeting LEED certification requirements.

Whether you have a new commercial construction or are retrofitting an existing building, Tradesmen of New England will provide you with scalable building automation solutions that you need to operate efficiently. We offer comprehensive energy audits with recommendations for the newest technology in BAS.