Tradesmen of New England knows how quickly summer goes by, but the need for HVAC and lighting updates in schools before students return is an important one schools in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut should consider.

HVAC Systems

In a recent report, it was noted that inadequate ventilation in classrooms was a concern and advised that the updating or even replacing of HVAC systems should be a focus as children return to school. While funding might be a concern for some districts, the federal government and even state governments have provided additional funds for these upgrades,

Some areas of concern to address include:

-inadequate maintenance and failure to replace filters.

-setting designed for smaller classrooms sizes that have not been adjusted for increased students in one room.

-an exterior air damper that is closed

Tradesmen of New England is here to give professional and prompt service to the schools in the areas that we service. If you need an assessment to see where you can improve the HVAC system in your building, contact us to begin.

Lighting In Schools

We rarely stop to consider how important lighting is to schools, and indeed all environments. Lighting affects productivity as well as focus and classroom engagement.

Lighting upgrades to classrooms can reap the following benefits.

-Better lighting helps with concentration and eases visual problems. LED lighting especially helps to reduce glare and eyestrain and also helps students with autism.

-Circadian rhythms are improved with better lighting and help to regulate the sleep/wake cycle for students. This can help increase concentration and decrease late school arrivals for some students. Better test scores are also a desired result from improved lighting.

-Lighting helps to encourage better mood and behavior. The temperature of light used in the classroom has an impact on behavior and studies have shown that cooler temperatures have a calming effect. The color of light used can also help those affected with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Tunable lighting systems give teachers the ability to change color temperature and dim the lights as needed. While enhancing the classroom, this feature can also save energy costs.

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